Camping Vs Glamping - Why Glamping in Pembrokeshire is the better option for you!

Camping in Pembrokeshire has been a mainstay holiday for British people for many many years. Of course, over time the expectations, and the types of accommodation have evolved and developed. When visitors come camping in Pembrokeshire they now expect more, and rightly so. However, the principles of camping have remained the same and it remains popular with people of all ages. 

Enter Glamping, the new form of accommodation. As the name suggests, Glamping is just a 'glam' version of camping, But is this true? To the newbie maybe so. However, you can now go glamping in Pembrokeshire and stay in a Yurt, Tipi, Geodome, Bell Tent & so much more. 

So if you are visiting Pembrokeshire, the question is should you be booking a Glamping holiday or a Camping holiday? We may be a little biased, but below is why we believe you should come Glamping in Pembrokeshire, and stay with us!


Why Glamping at Beavers Retreat is for you!


1) Less Stress - Easy Life

So you have booked your camping holiday, and are excited to arrive. You have the kids and the suitcases all packed in your car. After a 3 hour drive you arrive on site and it is raining... You have to then unload your full car, and erect your tent in the rain, all whilst you are trying to entertain the kids. Instead, wouldn't it have been nice to have booked your Glamping unit and then just arrive on site, walk in to your tent/dome/yurt and everything is ready for you? Nice fresh bedding, cooking facilities, indoor stove & even the hot tub! 

We believe that a Glamping holiday is less stressful than a camping holiday in terms of the initial setup and arrival process.

2) Price - is it really so much more expensive?

The price of camping in Pembrokeshire for a family of 5 is usually on average around £30/£40 per night. You can book a luxury bell tent with us for up to 5 people for £70 per night. So what are you getting for the extra £30? You have your bedding, beds, quilts & pillows, cooking facilities, lighting, tent/dome, fire wood (dome), tables, fire pit, BBQ & more provided. So for a little extra, you get all of these added extras - definitely worth it we think!

3) Nice & Quiet - Seclusion

Forget the camping sites where you are crammed in, and you can hear the tent next to you and every word they say. At Beavers Retreat Glamping each unit is well spaced out, and has a private area for you. You have vast space in the field to play badmintion, rounders, cricket, football, or whatever you like! The site has no cars on it past the car park, so you can relax and let the children play on site knowing it is safe and let them enjoy themselves why you enjoy a cold beer.

4) Facilities

We have two hot showers, two toilets, and a washing up area. There is very rarely a queue for the showers or toilets as we only allow a maximum on 10 units on site at any given time. This ensures the site is never too busy and you can enjoy yourselves in the height of the season. 
Each unit also has cooking facilities, a fire pit, BBQ, and a picnic table outside. The Geodome also has a wood fired hot tub, and a private kitchen with a gas cooker. Everything you need is provided for you!

5) Perfect location

We are only 1.5 miles to Manorbier beach, 5 miles west of Tenby and are in the perfect location to explore the many gems of the Pembrokeshire coast national park. You can see some reccomended things to do at

We actually have a page on our perfect location. You can see this by clicking here.

So we believe that Glamping in Pembrokeshire in the better option for you than Camping in Pembrokeshire! So what are you waiting for? You can see our full availability calendar and book online by clicking below:


Iwan Izzard