What have we got planned for 2019?

With the nights now drawing in, and only one of our structures still remaining erect until end of October, we would firstly like to thank all of our guests of 2018. We had a great season, and we are now looking forward to the winter break and preparing improvements to the site for the 2019 season.

We have quite a lot planned, and we’d love to tell you about the changes and improvements we are going to make to the site ready for 2019.

1) Hedge & Tree Planting

Last week we prepared the ground on site for hedge planting around each pitch. We will be planting willow hedges to separate each individual pitch and also planting a hedge on the one open boundary. We have a vision of each pitch being secluded and not visible from the next pitch. The willow is extremely fast growing, and in the first year will create a privacy screen, and within two years the hedges will be over 5ft similar to the picture below! We really want to create seclusion for each pitch. However we will still be keeping the wide open space in the middle of the field, and also the grass will be cut short once in the pitch area.


2) Sheltered Kitchen Area for each Pitch

Over the winter months, we will be building small wooden kitchen areas build on movable pallets. These will then be put on site for the summer months so that each pitch has its very own sheltered area. In the kitchen area there will be a camping stove with a grill, and a food preparation area for guests. This will be very beneficial for the rainy days, meaning you can cook and use the kettle no matter the weather


3) Two New Geodomes & Two New Luna Bell Tents

With the success of our first Geodome this year, we will be introducing two more Geodomes on site. These will be the same specification as the exisiting Geodome and we can not wait to add two more of these as they proved so popular with our guests this summer! We will also be adding two Luna bell tents. These are a new concept and design and we are excited to see how you guys enjoy these. The four new structures will replace four of the bell tents from 2019, meaning we will still only have a total of 10 units, meaning the seclusion is maintained.


4) New Bedding, Decor, Furniture, Carpets, Cutlery & Crockery

As we do every year, we will be buying brand new bell tents for the 2019 season. We will also be purchasing all new furniture, cutlery & crockery for the units. This means brand new bedside cabinets, coffee tables, interior grey carpets, cutlery and all new cooking equipment. We will also be buying all new bedding, cushions, quilts and pillows for the units so that all of the bell tents are all matching and follow our colour scheme. We cant wait to show you the new interiors next summer!

5) Upgraded Showers

We are always striving to improve the facilities on site, and therefore we have put some work in to the existing shower units. We have cladded the insides of the units and for 2019 we will be providing shampoo, conditioner & shower gel for you guys.

6) Freezer Blocks & Charging point

We realise that during longer stays, it would be beneficial for our guests to be able to have access to frozen ice blocks for cold food storage. Therefore we have been working closely with a renewables expert, and by 2019 should have a central area where guests will be able to swap ice blocks for frozen blocks for use in their cool boxes. This area will also have USB charge points run from a solar panel so guests can charge their phones or any other electrical devices.

We can not wait to start on these improvements for 2019 and would love for you to see them in place in 2019 :)